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Social Media Marketing: Start With a Plan

Consider your business goals before you commence creating social media marketing services. When you start social media marketing without a proper strategy, it seems like you’re wandering in the forest without a map. It will be fun, but eventually, you’ll get lost. 

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Social media marketing is an outstanding tool for businesses of all sizes to reach diverse prospects and customers. There are numerous brands out there reaching out to your customers. If you don’t take time to communicate with your customers through social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, you will miss out on your customers. The great social media marketing agency for small business can ensure huge success for your business. It will also bring in leads, sales and will create devoted brand advocates. 

A Step-By-Step Roadmap To Success

The Five Core Pillars of Social Media Marketing

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Do people wonder how they can achieve their business goals with a social media marketing strategy? Every business has different goals like some may use social media marketing to create brand awareness, while others may use it to bring more traffic and sales to the website. It can also serve as a customer support channel for your customers and help you create a community and a brand.

Planning and Publishing

For small businesses, social media marketing usually starts with a consistent presence on social media. On average, around 3 billion people use social media these times. Being present online serves as an opportunity for your future customers to locate you quickly. It helps you save your time and efforts and allows you to reach your audience with your content. 

Listening and Engagement

The conversations about your brand will grow as your social media following will increase. On seeing your posts, people will comment on them, tag you, or directly message you. Unfortunately, there are also chances that people will be gossiping about your brand on social media platforms without your knowledge. Consequently, you need to monitor your social media conversations about your brand. 

Analytics and Reporting

Everyone wishes to know how one performs on social media, irrespective of the content you publish or engage on social media. Is your growth on social media satisfying than last month? How many people are using your brand’s hashtag on their posts? 


Social media advertising will also benefit you if you have more funds to invest in social media marketing. With the help of advertising on social media, you can reach out to wider audiences. These days, advertising platforms have become so powerful that you even specify who to display your ads. Based on the demographics, interests, and behavior, you can create target audiences also. 

Are you on the hunt to expand your business brand awareness, new customers, or bent upon increasing the traffic? 

The answer is simple, remain present on social media. You are just a step away from building a solid social media presence. Reach out to us as your social media services provider to get started. 

How KodeImpex Can Help You Meet Your Marketing Goals?

You can achieve several goals with the help of social media marketing company like: 

  1. Building conversions
  2. Increasing free social media traffic on your website.
  3. Creating brand awareness.
  4. Forming a positive brand association and creating a brand identity.
  5. Facilitating regular communication with the audience 

It will become much easier for you to achieve your marketing goals if you are in constant touch with your audience through social networks. 

What Benefits your company gets with social Media Marketing Services​

For startups and established business brands, social media marketing services have numerous advantages to offer. For example, you can fetch more traffic to your website, customer engagement, improved brand loyalty, and better SEO friendly social media with the help of the right social media marketing plan and campaign monitoring plan. 

Why Opt For

Better Online Exposure

Without any doubt that social media is becoming a powerful online marketing resource for companies and brands as it is progressing day by day. With the help of diverse social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, you can increase people's interest in your company.

High Search Rankings

Recognizing the importance of social interaction, search engines like google and bing now integrate updates, tweets, profiles, and comments into their result pages. Thus, the more people will share the content across their social media channels, the more traffic it will bring to your website. Consequently, your search rankings will get better.

Specific Audience Targeting

Your content will be useless if it fails to reach out to the right audience, no matter how valuable and engaging it is. But with the help of social media marketing, you can identify and categorize your customers based on age, location, online activities, and other metrics. To understand your target customers' behavior, the experts at kodeimpex help you determine and analyze your niche market to craft the relevant content and ads that meet their needs.

Enhanced Customer Trust

To keep a note of the target market, we will share valuable content and engage in online conversations about your company. There is one more use of a social media marketing agency. With the help of this, you can showcase your client's testimonials, case studies, and similar content to prove the validity of your brand. These tactics will help you to win the customer's trust on the one hand and build relationships with your followers on the other hand.

Looking For An Effective Way To Expand Your Business' Brand Awareness, Strength Of New Customers, And Website Traffic?


You can increase your referrals by increasing your followers through different social networks. Our services will ensure that your followers are increased with appropriate people. Not only this, but we will also oversee that your followers relate to your customers’ interests, behaviors, and demographics. 


The audience is more likely to buy from you when you build a solid and healthy relationship through engagement with your audience. No worries, as our company will help you build relationships through likes, comments, and other things on social media posts. The more you will work with focus, the healthier your connection will be with your audience. 

Expanding website exposure(Traffic and Conversions)

Your business will get a boost in its leads and sales by way of expanding website traffic. This is the main reason that this is linked to the social media advertising service. By way of advertising on social media, we emphasize attracting high traffic to your website. We can also add on social ads to keep pace with the current website visitors to boost conversions. 

Why Choose Kodeimpex for Your Social Media Marketing

Kodeimpex is an award-winning social media management company. There will be complete transparency ensured to you to see how our efforts are increasing your revenue. For your online marketing goals, we are committed to effective social media marketing services and marketing strategies, which will create a valuable network resource for you.


Social media has become the need of the hour today as it has become difficult for companies and brands to survive without it. This helps the people to locate you online and also brings in more revenue for you. 


Social media marketing means building relationships with your customer and improving your brand’s image in the market. On the contrary, SEO means the rankings on google. 

The significant benefits of social media are that it helps you connect with the customer worldwide. Not only this, it influences the company’s revenue and sales. 

The funds spent by the companies on social media marketing will differ from company to company. Nothing can be said precisely about it. But to give you an insight into it, the companies spend $200-$350 per day on social media marketing. Social media services pricing differs greatly. 


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